RMCSR to attend orthopaedic conference in New Orleans

Dr. Michael Decker will be attending the 2018 annual AAOS meeting held in New Orleans, LA.  Dr. Decker will focus his conference attendance on meeting current and new clinical partners and gain future insights of attending clinical talks and the sports medicine specialty day.

'Movement Gap' presented at New Zealand clinical conference

The bioemchanical deficits associated with knee injury risk are the "movement gaps" that the RMCSR is addressing with a new field-based training program validated with injury tracking and wearable sensors. Preparations of a world-wide research study is currently underway.

VMS performs research with RMCSR for STEM development

Seven student from Vail Mountain School participated in a research study that is currently underway with Montana State University, Squaw Valley Race Team and the RMCSR.  The students participated in all components of data collection and will present their results to their peers at the end of May.  This experience was aimed to inspire the student's current and future involvement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Multiple RMCSR studies to be presented at sports medicine conference

The annual conference of the American College of Sports Medicine will be the location of three presentations from two studies supported by the RMCSR. Dr. Seifert's student from Montana State University will be presenting information on the use of directional compression tights on alpine skiing and Drs Myers and Decker will each be presenting data from the initial findings of a knee injury risk study currently being performed with young female soccer athletes.