Passive Motion Capture


Miniature, high speed water-proof cameras with capture rates up to 240 frames per second are used to record movement on the field, court, slopes or in the clinic. (Picture, YI 4K Action Camera)

Active Motion Capture


Markerless motion capture using Computer Vision and Machine Learning is being implemented to measure three-dimensional joint movements. 

(Picture, joint locations (red dots)  connected by body segments (yellow lines))



Low profile, flexible and waterproof inertial measurement units (IMU) are attached to the body with adhesive to measure motion without the need for video cameras.  (Picture, MC10 Biostamp IMU)

Force Transducers


Wireless and portable force measuring insoles are used to capture ground reaction force and the point of force application. 

(Picture, Moticon pressure insole)



Miniature global positioning system (GPS) sensor is used to identify an individual's position and the change in position to track their outdoor motion path. 

(Picture, GPS sensor)



Wireless surface electrodes are placed over muscles to provide a relative measure of electromyographic (EMG) activation. (Picture, Delsys EMG electrode)


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Real Time Kinematic GPS


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Please support our fundraising goal of $5000 to purchase a real time kinematic GPS system.  This device will 1) enhance our ability to measure a skier's motion path to within a centimeter of accuracy; 2) improve our biomechanical calculations of a skier's turn characteristics; and 3) advance our understanding of alpine skiing performance and injury risk.