Our Mission


Our mission is to perform integrative sports research with young athletes to maintain and promote their athletic performance, health, safety and quality of life.


A strong team of research partners and scientific and medical advisors enables the RMCSR to operate as an independent, tax-exempt (IRS code 501(c)3) charitable organization for the advancement of youth sports research. The RMCSR is fortunate to draw upon the talents of small business professionals and community members who all share a common interest of empowering young athletes to perform at their peak. 

The RMCSR is recognized for its pioneering research and development in wearable technology. Since 2014, the RMCSR has been measuring movement biomechanics from athletes on the field, court or the slopes of the Rocky Mountains to advance the understanding of how young athletes perform, become injured and return to play in their sport-specific competitive context.

Our Beginning


Vail, Colorado

In the summer of 2014 a philosophical discussion on the prevention of alpine skiing injuries lead to the conclusion that to truly understand injury mechanisms the motions and forces have to be measured during alpine skiing in the context that the sport was performed. After an exhaustive search for a scientist or a group of scientists that investigated alpine skiing biomechanics it was quickly realized that this research was not being performed in North America.

In the winter of 2014, a consortium of scientists, clinicians and ski professionals were brought together and a new wearable technology was proposed to perform the first alpine skiing biomechanics study on the slopes of Vail Mountain. The study was a scientific breakthrough and two years later the RMCSR became an official non-profit research foundation. 

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