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movement is our mission

The RMCSR is an independent, tax exempt (IRS code 501(c)(3)) charitable foundation comprised of a consortium of scientists, engineers, and clinical professionals dedicated to the sports community.  We specialize in movement research and the development of cutting-edge technology to advance the understanding of how athletes perform, become injured and return to play in their sport-specific competitive context.

Our mission is to enhance the athletic performance, safety and long-term health of athletes through movement research and technology. 


research and development Emphases

Movement Quality

Performance and injury risk are on the opposite ends of a movement quality continuum.  Low movement quality is related to poor performance and high injury risk, whereas high movement quality is related to high performance and low injury risk.  This core feature is translated throughout four main areas of research and development. 

1) Movement Science.  Basic movement science research is the foundation of determining the factors that influence body segment motions and how these motions are coordinated to maximize movement performance and safety.


2) Training and Evaluation. Applying the knowledge gained from movement science research to provide actionable insights for the improvement of movement quality.


3) Movement Technology. The design and development of accurate, field-based motion capture devices or systems that can rapidly evaluate movement quality during training, practice or competition.

4) Sports Medicine. The extension of movement science research to patient populations and the determination of how novel rehabilitation and training programs can enhance movement quality to improve performance and safety when the patient returns to competition, exercise or activities of daily life.

These four research and development emphases provide the necessary framework for any particular movement activity within sports, training, medical fitness and rehabilitation.  The RMCSR has added three new scientists to the Board of Directors to oversee the successful deployment of these research areas.


A list of our research publications is now available!