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Our Mission


The RMCSR is an independent, tax exempt (IRS code 501(c)3) charitable foundation comprised of a consortium of scientists, engineers, and clinical professionals dedicated to the youth sports community.  We specialize in movement research and the development of cutting-edge technology to advance the understanding of how young athletes perform, become injured and return to play in their sport-specific competitive context.

Our mission is to enhance the athletic performance, safety and long-term health of young athletes through research and technology. 

The Muybridge Project

Edweard Muybridge

Edweard Muybridge (1830-1904) is recognized for his innovation in motion analysis by pioneering the equipment and techniques to photograph the movement of humans and animals (Picture, right; Photo credit, International Photography Magazine).  His ground breaking work performed over a century ago is the foundation of modern-day motion analysis systems used in the field of biomechanics to measure human movement for athletic and clinical applications.

The RMCSR honors Edweard Muybridge's innovation in motion analysis with the naming of their latest technology development "The Muybridge Project." The goal of this project is to create a portable motion analysis system to enable it's widespread use of performing laboratory-grade measurements in applied settings.  This mobile technology will transform users with a smart device or computer into a movement scientist that can screen, modify and enhance athletic performance, health and safety. 


The quantified athlete


Athletic Assessment

Athletic performance and injury risk are on opposite ends of a movement quality scale. Low, or poor movement quality reduces performance and increases injury risk whereas high movement quality increases performance and reduces injury risk. Assessing an athlete's movement quality can be determined rapidly and accurately with the field-based technology being developed in "The Muybridge Project."  

There are many reasons to perform athletic assessments, First, taking the time for these assessments conveys to the athlete that the reason for what you are measuring is important.  Performing weekly or monthly movement evaluations affords the ability to track an athlete's progress and determine whether a training program is working or whether customized or special training efforts are needed. Last, movement assessments can be used to create standards for goal setting and motivation.

Given that field-based movement technology is a main feature of the RMCSR, we cleverly designed our logo with the letters "Q" and "A" to stand for the Quantified Athlete.  Our research remains focused on young athletes and how to unobtrusively measure and maximize performance while minimizing injury risk.