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The Q Lab


Mobile Biomechanics Laboratory

The Q Lab is the RMCSR's mobile biomechanics laboratory that measures movement outside the four walls of a standard motion capture laboratory. We are currently using wearable sensors and optical systems to measure joint motions, neuromuscular activation, physiological function and external forces to quantify an athlete's performance in a competitive context. These data are used to design, develop and validate new technology to measure performance and injury risk metrics for training and rehabilitation.

Research Services

We offer our research services for selected days, training camps or even for entire seasons. You don't need to have your own measurement instrumentation. We will bring the science team and the technology to provide valuable quantitative feedback about your athlete's performance and injury risk.  Contact us for more information and a quote. 

Development Services

We offer a full spectrum of consulting and product development services ranging from the design and prototyping of new products to the evaluation of current products. We have a team of engineers that specialize in musculoskeletal and shape modeling, AI and  big data; and applied movement scientists to make the heavy computations digestible to the average consumer. Contact us for more information and a quote.  

Q Lab - Western Slope

Q Lab - Western Slope

Q Lab - Western Slope


Q Lab - Front Range

Q Lab - Western Slope

Q Lab - Western Slope