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Mobile Biomechanics Laboratory

The Q Lab is the RMCSR's mobile biomechanics laboratory that measures movement outside the four walls of a standard motion capture laboratory. We are currently using wearable sensors that measure joint motions, neuromuscular activation, physiological function and external forces to quantify an athlete's performance in a competitive context. These data are used to develop, design and validate new injury risk metrics and training programs. Click the link below for more information on our technology.

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Internship Opportunities: Sports Biomechanics

The RMCSR has several internship opportunities in the field of sports biomechanics available now.  Opportunities to support ongoing or planned research projects in the sports of alpine skiing, soccer and golf are currently open. Download the application and apply today!

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Clinical Internship Opportunities Coming Soon!

The RMCSR is planning to extend their scientific advancements in wearable technology into the clinic.  Preparations are underway and one or more positions may be available soon.

Current Research Projects

Wearable Sensors

Pilot work exploring embedded wearable sensors and biomechanical models using Xsens inertial measurement units (IMUs).  The orientation of the body segments are measured with several miniature sensors for movement analysis.

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