The Q Lab

Mobile Biomechanics Laboratory

The Q Lab is the RMCSR's mobile biomechanics laboratory that measures movement outside the four walls of a standard motion capture laboratory. We are currently using wearable sensors that measure joint motions, neuromuscular activation, physiological function and external forces to quantify an athlete's performance in a competitive context. These data are used to develop, design and validate new injury risk metrics and training programs.

Internship Opportunities: Available Now!

The RMCSR has several internship opportunities available during the Fall of 2018. Our diverse group of collaborating partners allows the integration of biomechanical research with an individual's professional goals in strength and conditioning, athletic training, physical therapy or engineering. 

Funding Opportunities

The RMCSR has funding opportunities for research and education that directly supports it's mission to promote the performance and safety of youth athletes. The formal application for all funding requests from the RMCSR will be available at the link below.

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Current Research Projects

Wearable Sensors

Pilot work exploring embedded wearable sensors and biomechanical models using Xsens inertial measurement units (IMUs).  The orientation of the body segments are measured with several miniature sensors for movement analysis.

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