This page is for the patients of Topical Gear's TeleMovement Program

The RMCSR is a charitable research foundation (IRS code 501(c)(3)) dedicated to movement research and technology.  Please complete the survey below if you have received an electronic link from a member of Topical Gear LLC or your medical team. 

Patient Satisfaction Survey

You have received a link to complete a short survey about your experience using T:25 products from Topical Gear LLC.  The information you provide is private. Only authorized personnel from the RMCSR will have access to your data. The overall results from this survey will be shared with Topical Gear LLC but your individual identity will be kept private. We sincerely appreciate your time to complete the "Patient Satisfaction Survey" located below.

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Telehealth in the Medical Sector

The current pandemic has dramatically reduced our mobility to access care and medical resources to support health and wellness. This impaired mobility may be overcome by a relatively new mode of healthcare interactions that use telecommunication devices to provide medical care and services outside the traditional face‐to‐face encounter. 

There is an ample amount of research supporting the use of telehealth to facilitate occupational and physical therapy programs as well as improve weight management and skin care in patients with chronic conditions.  Other applications include imaging review in sports medicine, symptom management and counseling in concussion, traumatic brain injury, and pain management programs.

Telehealth in the Medical Business Sector

Telehealth is also being used in the medical business sector to access health and wellness services and products.  Topical Gear’s “TeleMovement” program is a pioneering telephonic approach that directly engages a patient or customer to discuss how their wearable products could benefit their function and clinical symptoms.