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This page is for the patients of Topical Gear LLC

The RMCSR is a charitable research foundation (IRS code 501(c)(3)) dedicated to movement research and technology.  Please complete the survey below if you have received an electronic link from a member of Topical Gear LLC or your medical team. 

Patient Satisfaction Survey

You have received a link to complete a short survey about your experience using T:25 products from Topical Gear LLC.  The information you provide is private. Only authorized personnel from the RMCSR will have access to your data. The overall results from this survey will be shared with Topical Gear LLC but your individual identity will be kept private. We sincerely appreciate your time to complete the "Patient Satisfaction Survey" located below.

Viewing Problems?

If you are having difficulty viewing the survey on your smart phone or computer, please click the Survey Link below.