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High-Speed Motion Capture


High-speed video cameras with capture rates up to 38,500 fps (1057 fps at full resolution) are used to record dynamic movements. 

(Picture, Chronos 1.4)

Markerless Motion Capture


Custom markerless motion capture system to measure three-dimensional joint motions. 

(Picture, joint locations (red dots), body segments (yellow lines))

Inertial Measurement Units


Low profile, flexible and waterproof inertial measurement units (IMU) are attached to the body with adhesive to measure motion without the need for video cameras. 

 (Picture, MC10 Biostamp IMU)

Force Transducers


Wireless and portable force measuring insoles are used to capture ground reaction force and the point of force application. 

(Picture, Moticon pressure insole)



Miniature global positioning system (GPS) sensor is used to identify an individual's position and the change in position to track their outdoor motion path. 

(Picture, GPS sensor)



Wireless surface electrodes are placed over muscles to provide a relative measure of electromyographic (EMG) activation. 

(Picture, Delsys EMG electrode)

Wearable Sensors

Pilot work exploring embedded wearable sensors and biomechanical models using Xsens inertial measurement units (IMUs).  The orientation of the body segments are measured with several miniature sensors for movement analysis.